My favorite must have is a good watch. I LOVE my pink sparkly watch from Target!!! I really have worn it everyday since I got it. I actually was asked if it was a Michael Kors, ha! That makes me proud because it was only $16 from Target. It is the perfect watch for me, though. The pink and sparkles fit my personality and it still goes with anything I wear.  I also like that I found a watch that I love so much that wasn't too expensive so that I'm not afraid to wear it. If it gets scratched, I will still be upset, but I won't be freaking out over how much I paid for it!

L'Oreal's True Match super blend able powder is my favorite foundation right now. I like the warm colors for summer especially since my face doesn't tan as easily as the rest of my body, so then I always need to match my face complexion to the rest of my skin. This product gives great coverage and great color.

I love this blazer I am wearing because I got it from Target on clearance and I think it looks very unique! To me it looks professional but the pattern still gives it some flair. I ended up deciding to wear this today because I was inspired by some cute looks with blazers that I saw on Pinterest! The picture on the right is just one of them!
Through Pinterest, this picture was linked to this woman's own blog which you can view here.
The view from my desk!
Today I :

1. Worked on newsletter articles for GREP's         Quarterly newsletter
2. Updated the GREP blog
3. Created emails in constant contact for             the GREP annual investor BBQ
4. Sent out a press release about the new             shops at Wyomissing Square through         vocus.com
Right now I am loving light, flowy, sheer tops. They are definitely nice for summer because although it is hot outside, the office can be chilly! I love LC's top tucked in that super cute black skirt. Today I wore my sheer top from Rue21 and paired it with my favorite pair of black leggings. :)
( I found this picture on Pinterest! )
Today I interned at Greater Reading Economic Partnership and shortly after I got to the office I was invited to help out with their podcasts! We met our guests at the Crowne Plaza where we did the recording. Toni Reece, who is a personal and business development Coach, is the woman who set up the audio and actually recorded our interview. I helped host two interviews in which I got to ask each person three questions. It was fun, easy, and really quick! While we were there we had a little bit of time to spare so Deb also interviewed me! We talked about what kind of projects I do for GREP and then Deb explained the internship program a bit more in depth. It was fun, and I was really intrigued by what Toni Reece does. There are so many great resources for businesses and business people in Reading, PA that many people don't even know about. As I learn more and meet more people I am also learning so much more about Berks County. I've lived here my whole life and barely knew anything about it!

These are NOT any of the people we worked with today but this is the office space we were in and those are the microphones we used! It's a great space to get what you need for a podcast without going to a recording studio or anything.

I got this picture from The People Academy's website.

Top knots are easy and adorable! Today I was at Sorrelli and top knots are a go-to hairdo for all the girls when its a busy day.

I love the sock bun look as well, however personally my hair is pretty thick and long so I don't really need to use anything to make my bun look bigger. I simply twist my hair into this cute little bun.

Top Knots aren't too difficult, however this girl has some good tips on how to get the messy bun look.
Today I spent most of my day tagging jewelry to get it ready for a show. I always try on a few pieces just to see what they look like on me ;)
Towards the end of May and the end of my Junior year of college I started two internships. One is at Sorrelli Jewelry in Kutztown and the other is at Greater Reading Economic Partnership in Reading.

At Sorrelli I am the public relations intern. I keep track of and send out any donations they give out to charities/organizations, help out with organizing the product for different shows, and I even got to help out at a photo shoot they did for their holiday catalog! That was awesome and a great experience. I also help them with anything else they may need as well.

At GREP I am their marketing intern. I help out with various projects there such as their newsletters, their Careersin2Years campaign, I write their blog posts, and anything else they need. I attended a Reverse Tradeshow for them where I sat at their table and talked to anyone who came up to me about what GREP can do for their business or how they can get in contact with someone that could help them. These are great experiences that I'm sure I will refer back to in the future.

At school I major in communications with an emphasis in public relations. Everything is going wonderfully and I hope that continues until I graduate.

Besides all of that, I do have a  strong passion for fashion. I will definitely be making posts here and there about outfits, hair, beauty products, etc!