How to Save Your Lip Gloss When it Starts to Run Low

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The best part about lip gloss is the fun sheen and tint it leaves on your lips. The worst part is that when it start to run low, it’s nearly impossible to get the remaining bottom part of the gloss out of the darn tube! When this happens, we usually toss the tube and buy a new one, but this can add up over time and we lose all the perfectly good, precious gloss that is still in the bottle. Solution: this quick and easy method can  help you to salvage all your old, favorite, expensive, or discontinued lip gloss by just adding a bit of water into the mix.
      1. Fill a mug with water.
      2. Heat it up in the microwave for 60 seconds (be careful removing it!).  The water should not be boiling hot, but the same temperature that you would want for a cup of soup.
      3. Fill your mug with the lip gloss(es) that are low.
      4. Wait 10 minutes then remove lip glosses.
      5. If your lip gloss is extra stubborn you can reheat your mug for 30 seconds and leave the tube in for an additional 10 minutes.
      6. The heat from the water should liquefy the gloss to make it run down the sides, leaving you with more of your favorite gloss without having to spend a dime.
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I love the boyfriend jeans look when it's styled really well. They are comfy and can look super cute! I wore mine with a flowy white embroidered tank and a ruffled gray sweater to work. I was comfortable all day and this outfit is very trendy.

On my toes: Sunday Funday Nail Polish from Essie

Today I am at Sorrelli and I have been spending time on Pinterest! I have been creating a few boards for Sorrelli's Pinterest. My supervisor said she wanted to kind of revamp their account! I am ALWAYS up for a project like this. Some boards have been about the product and some, like the one I am creating today, are simply inspirational boards. Today I am creating a " Fall Inspiration" board for when Sorrelli redecorates their window for fall! It's so fun sharing my ideas and so far, everyone has liked them! :)
Here are a few of my favorites from my fall inspiration board:
View my full fall inspiration board here!
Today at Sorrelli my supervisor told me that Sorrelli has been featured in Seventeen Magazine's College Edition. Super exciting. I was sent on a mission to go buy the magazine so Sorrelli would have a copy but I think this edition only gets sent out to subscription readers. I subscribe to Seventeen Magazine so I just brought in my copy for Sorrelli! The piece is on the girl in the yellow shirt. I zoomed in below, and the other picture is from instagram. How cool is that?

Sorrelli was also recently featured in Marie Claire Magazine as well!

Today was a very busy day at Sorrelli, but about halfway through the interns were sent out on a mission! The mission: to bring back milkshakes for the marketing meeting! We had an order of 10 milkshakes!! Pictured here is the other intern for Sorrelli, Jenny, and myself. We walked to Pop's in Kutztown and overwhelmed the poor girl at the counter. But she did it! Ten raspberry cashew flavored milkshakes (interesting flavor, right?). Then, as you can see in this picture Jenny and I had the challenge of carrying them all back to the office. We had fun though! It's always nice to get out of the office for a bit :)

These are some of my newest additions to my wardrobe and they are from... PacSun! People are surprised when I tell them, but I almost always find something I love when I shop there. It's not the first place I think of to shop, but some shirts are cheaper than most other places in the mall. This vest was on sale and I love the pattern. The shirt below was $16.50 (cheaper than at a place such as American Eagle)  and I LOVE the pattern. -I'm a cheetah print girl in case you can't tell! This print with actual cheetahs is so cute and I kinda think it's funny :)
Some of Sorrelli's Coral Reef collection I was tagging today. I'm in love with it. Simply gorgeous!
This top is from Pac Sun and it has scalloped edges at the bottom which is such a cute and fun detail. Also, the shoes I'm wearing are my favorite high heels! I got them at Marshall's a while ago.
This is little miss Kiku. I am dog sitting her today and she is so fun and energetic! I had to share my pictures of her because she is just too precious! She's a 6 month old Shiba Inu. I never heard of the breed before but she's adorable. I love dogs and when a friend of a friend needed someone I was on it! I just watched her for two days but it was fun :)
Today was probably one of the hottest days this summer so it was very nice to have my hair up on top of my head for the wine walk. Plus my supervisor at Sorrelli said she LOVED my hair & outfit :D