How to Save Your Lip Gloss When it Starts to Run Low

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The best part about lip gloss is the fun sheen and tint it leaves on your lips. The worst part is that when it start to run low, it’s nearly impossible to get the remaining bottom part of the gloss out of the darn tube! When this happens, we usually toss the tube and buy a new one, but this can add up over time and we lose all the perfectly good, precious gloss that is still in the bottle. Solution: this quick and easy method can  help you to salvage all your old, favorite, expensive, or discontinued lip gloss by just adding a bit of water into the mix.
      1. Fill a mug with water.
      2. Heat it up in the microwave for 60 seconds (be careful removing it!).  The water should not be boiling hot, but the same temperature that you would want for a cup of soup.
      3. Fill your mug with the lip gloss(es) that are low.
      4. Wait 10 minutes then remove lip glosses.
      5. If your lip gloss is extra stubborn you can reheat your mug for 30 seconds and leave the tube in for an additional 10 minutes.
      6. The heat from the water should liquefy the gloss to make it run down the sides, leaving you with more of your favorite gloss without having to spend a dime.
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