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I don't remember the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes, so I knew they were due. Cleaning your makeup brushes is an important step to your beauty routine but it's something you probably rarely think to do (like me). The makeup and oil trapped in your brushes can cause breakouts and a dirty brush simply isn't good to use on your skin in general.

Moon loose-knit sweater
Michael Kors jeans
Gap button down shirt
Tahari flats
Everyone has those days when you have a ton to do but you just want to wear that comfy sweatshirt! You still want to look cute but don't feel like dressing up. Here are 4 ways to add that sweatshirt to your outfit and still have style.


Outfit of the Day

Charming Charlie Faux Fur Vest
Wet Seal Long Sleeve V-Neck
Charming Charlie Bow-tie Necklace
Not Pictured:
Pink Pastel Skinny Jeans from The Loft
Chocolate Uggs (from my Christmas post)
Coach bag
(from my Christmas post)

My Shampoo!

I got this Beauty & Pin-Ups shampoo from my cousin for Christmas and it's awesome! It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth due to the mixture of Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter in it. I made a post before about the products I use on my dry and damaged hair after I made my sun-in mistake and this shampoo is my newest addition to my shower routine. Most of the hair damage I had is grown out now, but I still have some dry ends that need extra care. My hair dresser also recommended Moroccan Oil Products but some of their products are almost double the price. Argan oil is a great beauty product in many different ways. Follow this link for 10 Simple Beauty Uses for Organic Argan Oil.

"MIRACULEUX Shampoo is designed for dehydrated hair that lacks elasticity, luster and moisture.  The Shampoo restores hair to its healthy state by using Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. It is also sulfate free and safe for keratin and color treated hair."

I wanted to do a post about shellac because I am getting my first shellac manicure today and I feel like many people still don't know exactly what shellac is. I did a little research about it, so today I am blogging about what getting a shellac manicure really means.

My family and I are huge Downton Abbey fans and we cannot wait for the premiere of season four tonight! We have been talking about it all day and discussing what could be in store for each of the characters. (We are heartbroken that Matthew will not be in this season!)  Anyway, I wanted to do a Downton Abbey inspired post today and I thought what better way to celebrate the premiere than to explore the Downton Abbey fashions?!

Last year intricate nail art was huge. Although nail art is still popular, understated yet elegant manicures are the go-to nail trend of the year.  Neutrals, nudes, metallics, and smaller embellishments are the hottest upcoming trends.
Matte nail polish was also very popular last season and still is. Now there are matte topcoats available to turn any color matte!


"Marshmallow" Nail Polish by Essie


"Easy Walking" Pierre Hardy for Nars Nail Polish Set by Nars ($29)


"Nothing Else Metals" Nail Polish by Essie


"Matte About You" Matte Finisher by Essie ($10)

My Polish of the Moment

I got a bunch of different nail colors for Christmas and I love them all! Right now I am wearing "My Better Half" by Essie and my glamour nail is "Blonde Bombshell" by China Glaze.  Sparkles are always in style on my own personal trend list;)  My cousin got me the "Blonde Bombshell" color for Christmas and I just love it! I have been using it as a glamour nail the past couple times I painted my nails.


There are always new trends I want to try but this year I thought I'd make up a list of trends I want to try in the new year!