Yesterday I received a few prezzies from my amazing supervisors at Sorrelli since Wednesday was my last day :) they are absolutely amazing and I never want to take them off. I can't stop staring at my Sorrelli sparkle :))

I used to only wear silver jewelry, but now I am obsessed with bright gold jewelry. Every piece in this photo is bright gold. The earrings are the gift I got from GREP,  and the bracelet and layered spike necklace are actually from Aeropostale. I never shopped in Aeropostale but at the outlets last weekend my sister wanted to shop there so I went in and found some awesome deals! The jewelry ws marked so low I got those two pieces plus a pair of earrings for $5! The bigger necklace is the necklace I got at the thrift store in Reading.

Today was also my last day at Sorrelli, which was sad! I really had a great experience there and it was my very first step into working in the fashion industry.  I learned a lot from everyone I worked with and stepped outside my comfort zone which is always necessary in having new experiences! Hopefully there are many more steps to come for me. :)

Today was different because I worked at Sorrelli's store instead of the headquarters. They are redoing their window as I mentioned in my Pinterest post, so I helped to get a few things ready for that. I painted chalkboard paint onto a few of their displays pieces and an artist will be coming to draw some really great designs on them. I took down a few things in the display that is up now just to make it easier when they do take it all apart. I also ironed these panels that they use to separate the windows. It was a messy kind of day and that's why I don't have a what I wore post for today because I wore a tshirt and shorts for painting! After that I worked in the store organizing and tagging product for an upcoming show. The day went so fast because I had so much to do. Here is a picture of the mess I made in their office:
Today I am at Sorrelli and I have been spending time on Pinterest! I have been creating a few boards for Sorrelli's Pinterest. My supervisor said she wanted to kind of revamp their account! I am ALWAYS up for a project like this. Some boards have been about the product and some, like the one I am creating today, are simply inspirational boards. Today I am creating a " Fall Inspiration" board for when Sorrelli redecorates their window for fall! It's so fun sharing my ideas and so far, everyone has liked them! :)
Here are a few of my favorites from my fall inspiration board:
View my full fall inspiration board here!
Today was a very busy day at Sorrelli, but about halfway through the interns were sent out on a mission! The mission: to bring back milkshakes for the marketing meeting! We had an order of 10 milkshakes!! Pictured here is the other intern for Sorrelli, Jenny, and myself. We walked to Pop's in Kutztown and overwhelmed the poor girl at the counter. But she did it! Ten raspberry cashew flavored milkshakes (interesting flavor, right?). Then, as you can see in this picture Jenny and I had the challenge of carrying them all back to the office. We had fun though! It's always nice to get out of the office for a bit :)

Some of Sorrelli's Coral Reef collection I was tagging today. I'm in love with it. Simply gorgeous!
Just some Sorrelli Sparkle to brighten up the day!
This is Sorrelli's Silver Shade Series Bib Necklace.

"Made purely with Swarovski crystal, this necklace is layered in high-end, classic elegance. True to the Avant Garde collection, the Sorrelli Swarovski Crystal Necklace is a work of art. Not for the faint of heart, prepare to be the center of attention whenever you decide to take this piece on a night out."
Today I am tagging more jewelry! I did a lot of gorgeous earrings. It is actually fun to do because I get to look at the beautiful pieces as I tag them!

I also created an itinerary for one of my supervisors for her trip to Atlanta. I wrote out her flight information, hotel information, and where and when she will be during her trip.
Loving the Sorrelli sparkle!

Today I spent most of my day tagging jewelry to get it ready for a show. I always try on a few pieces just to see what they look like on me ;)