My family and I are huge Downton Abbey fans and we cannot wait for the premiere of season four tonight! We have been talking about it all day and discussing what could be in store for each of the characters. (We are heartbroken that Matthew will not be in this season!)  Anyway, I wanted to do a Downton Abbey inspired post today and I thought what better way to celebrate the premiere than to explore the Downton Abbey fashions?!

Empire Waist Gowns

The Empire Waist line dresses will always be the best dress shape for a woman's body. The waist band in these dresses hits the perfect spot to show where a woman's waistline is which gives her a perfect hour-glass shape.
My Pick:
Eliza J Lace & Faille Dress

Trench Coats & Riding Boots

My Picks:
A great pair of riding boots and a cute trench coat is always in style for winter!

Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Janes are lady-like AND practical! This is a great retro look to rock right now.
My Pick:

Faux Fur Collar

A fur collar instantly adds glamour to your winter wardrobe. This trend is much easier to pull off than a fur coat!
My Pick:
Hope everyone enjoys the premiere tonight!


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