The fall season gets us excited to bring out our sweaters, scarves, jeans, and boots. But new trends have emerged for fall 2013 for everything from the IT color to the IT pattern. I have been keeping tabs on some of my favorite designers and I like to take note of what seem to be the easiest trends to conquer as a college student from a small town. Here are my favorite fall 2013 trends:


First up: sweaters. Obviously sweaters are always in style in fall and winter seasons to keep you warm, but the style for sweaters in fall 2013 are either a cozy knit sweater or academically-inspired sweaters.
Kate Spade's sweaters for fall are worn over a white button-down for an academically-inspired look.
Michael Kors included the ever popular comfy loose knit sweaters in his collection.

Emerald Green.

If you haven't heard about it yet; Fall 2013's IT color: Emerald Green

This trend can be worn as a pop of color in an outfit, accessory, nail polish, or you can go all out such as wearing an emerald green dress!

Mixed Prints.

There are so many big patterns for fall 2013, such as plaid, tweed, hounds-tooth, and argyle. So why not mix and match them!
Kate Spade mixes hounds-tooth and tweed in this blouse + jacket combo. The overall style of this outfit is 60s-inspired which is also a big trend this fall.
Alice + Olivia mix plaid and argyle in this look.


Leather is huge this fall. From jackets to skirts to bags, leather is one of the most popular and easiest trends to try. My favorite is the leather skirt because it is different from the pieces we usually see in leather, such as leather jackets.
Kate Spade leather jacket
Michael Kors leather dress
Alice + Olivia leather skirt (my favorite!)
These pieces are easy to find and fairly easy to style! Try them out, I know I will ;)

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