First off, I know it looks like all I do is shop when you look at my blog, but I am a normal girl looking for bargains just like anybody else! I don't usually shop this often, I think it is the back-to-school craze. When I went to Bella Jules I had a gift card, and my friend convinced me to go to the outlets yesterday. I will admit, I have a slight shopping addiction that usually won't let me turn down any kind of shopping trip, but I really do my best to try to save my money, I swear!

Forever 21 is one of those stores I cringe at when I am about to enter, only because I know I am going to spend a lot of time and money there no matter what. I love the clothes and the prices; it's like heaven! But since Forever 21 has such good prices I end up spending  more there because I use the awesome price/deal to justify buying each item. Yesterday wasn't too bad, though. I spent around $45 and I want to share what I spent it on!
I know I have already mentioned that I love cheetah/leopard print, which is why I bought the first shirt. I have been looking for a long sleeved cheetah print shirt for a while and Forever 21's  Leopard Print Button Up Top was exactly what I wanted! It is the high/low style from front to back and the sleeve can be worn as pictured or as long sleeves. I can't wait to wear it!

The other two pieces I got were super bargains. The skinny jeans were on sale for $7.80 which I couldn't resist. I absolutely love a comfy pair of jeans and these are super stretchy and soft.  Last was the pink shorts. I bought these strictly for the price; $3.99! I actually went to put them back when I was at the register because they are a summer piece and I didn't NEED them, but when the cashier told me they only rang up at $3.99 I gave in.

I also bought three pieces of jewelry: the Heart Pattern Necklace, the Parisian Charm Bracelet, and theSparkling Flower Chain Necklace.
This bracelet, however, is not the exact bracelet I purchased, as I could not find it on their website. But mine does say "oui" , in cursive, with a rhinestone over the "i". I thought this piece was fun and who can resist something called "Meet Me in Paris". ;)
My friend and I had so much fun shopping; we just love the outlets!

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