Today is my last day at GREP. I can't believe it is here already; this summer literally flew by. I have had two really great internships this summer and I am so grateful for the opportunities I was given. I know that my experiences will help me in the future whether its with the connections I've made or using the skills I've learned!

I still did a lot on my last day though! They are moving things around in the office and asked me to help. I moved a lot of files and things in their supply closet so it is more organized; a true intern task!! Now I am just helping them with whatever extra things they need to get done and soon the day will be over. So bittersweet to see the end of these internships! :( two weeks left and then I will be starting classes again. Can't believe it!

All the files I moved around!

P.S. Two of the ladies in the office also took me to lunch again! We went to the Peanut Bar and I got a delicious crab cake sandwich. So nice of them! :)

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