My Favorite Present I GAVE

The thing I love most about Christmas is finding the absolute perfect present for each of my friends and family members. This year, my family and I said we weren't going to exchange gifts. All of my sisters and I are going to spend a day together getting mani/pedis instead. So, although we said no gifts, I still wanted to get my mom something special.
Last winter, my mom and I took her old sewing machine to a shop and traded it for a new machine. I have been trying to learn how to sew and make different things with it ever since.
I made her an apron for Christmas this year and I am very happy it turned out well enough for me to give to her on Christmas day!

Here she is wearing it:
This is the "Kitschy Kitchen Apron" from a book of sewing projects I have called One-Yard Wonders.

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