I know, this is the same picture from my "Can we go thrift shopping?" post, but it is what I wore today! My family sort of woke up this morning and on a whim decided we needed a trip to the outlets. So, to shop all day, I chose a simple, basic, everyday comfort black tee paired with my favorite pair of capri pants. I dressed it up with some jewelry and this necklace (as I stated in my other post) is from a thrift shop. I am proud of this buy because not only do I like it, but I got a bunch of compliments on it today! I was surprised because, as I said, it was $2!

However, I have to admit I didn't choose all that wisely when deciding what shoes to wear though. I wore flat sandals that I love but they were not the best option for a full day of shopping. My feet HURT by the end of the day. But I guess that's what happens when your hard at work doing all that shopping ;)

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