Bella Jules

Today I stopped in to browse at Bella Jules. They have some really great stuff right now! I tried on a bunch of different things but these three were my favorites. The Red Tea Length Skirt was from their summer styles but I just loved it!  They are having a sale on their summer clothing so it was a great price. I love the color and the length.
The leather skirt was absolutely adorable. It is perforated and pleated and has a fun and flirty feel. This skirt is also a great transition piece from fall to winter.
Last, the leather jacket was my all time favorite from their fall styles. They just got it in the store so it isn't on their website yet. The faux leather is so soft and it was such a comfortable fit.
There was one more thing I really loved - and bought! But I am waiting to share that until the first time I wear it! ;)

8/24/2013 03:02:16 am

Great choices! But everything you wear look adorable on you!


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