My dinner at Applebee's last night!
Chipotle lime shrimp and grilled chicken in a cilantro lime glaze, then served over a flavorful combo of Mexican rice, white queso, corn and black beans. Fresh avocado, chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

There are a few reasons I mentioned Lauren Conrad in this post.

Reason #1
First off, she has always been one of my favorite role models. I loved watching her grow and chase her dreams from Laguna beach to the Hills. She was very determined and I always felt I could relate to her. I now follow her blog and can still watch her reality shows over and over again!

Reason #2:
My friends and I always seem to get talking about our future and careers at some point when we get together. Last night at dinner the topic came up and we discussed where we hope to see ourselves in the future. One of my friends asked me if I was going to move to New York. She said, "You remind me of a Lauren Conrad type of girl." She said she could really see me living and working in New York City. I was a little bit surprised, [I mean, I LOVE that I remind her of LC ;) ] but I told her that I've thought about it and I think it would be amazing to move to New York and find a job I truly love. However I would definitely have a tough time leaving my family.

This conversation got me thinking about New York all over again. I've always played around with the idea in my head. Since I will be heading into my senior year of college this August, I need to start thinking about jobs and it seems like every conversation ends up on this topic lately. (which I know is normal; all of my friends are seniors as well and we are scared!!!) But I started to really think about it again and although I may not move to New York right out of college; I may end up there. I definitely get starry-eyed when I begin to dream about the possibilities of moving to New York. ★ 

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