Everyone has those days when you have a ton to do but you just want to wear that comfy sweatshirt! You still want to look cute but don't feel like dressing up. Here are 4 ways to add that sweatshirt to your outfit and still have style.

Add a Cute Scarf

I had classes and errands to run today and it was rainy and cold out so when I woke up this morning I knew it was a comfy clothes day for me! I chose to wear my college zip-up sweatshirt that is super comfortable but definitely needed something extra to give it style. A cute scarf can usually pull together any outfit, plus keep  you warm. My scarf is a black, knitted, infinity scarf from Target.

Throw in Some Sparkle

Wear some of your favorite sparkly, shiny jewelry to add pizazz to your outfit. I chose a few of my own favorites; my usual watch (from Target), my coin bracelet from Charming Charlie, and my spike bracelet from Aeropostale.

Wear Your Flair

The rest of my outfit today consisted of leggings with a cute waistband and my combat boots! I love these leggings and the cool design on the waistband adds a different element of style to the outfit. I think the combat boots are the perfect shoe combination to make this outfit stylish because they are cute boots but they don't look too dressed up for a sweatshirt.

Change Up Your Hair

I usually like to wear my hair smooth and straight but today I embraced my natural texture.  It's good to mix up hairstyles with different outfits to see what looks good together. Instead of wearing my hair straight and maybe in a ponytail which would make my look more sporty, I let my hair loose and wavy to keep the look girly chic!

If you have more ideas, leave me a comment!

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