Ever since I was little I loved playing with my hair. When my mom still did my hair I would have her try out different hairstyles on me (such as one side of my hair in a pigtail and the other side down; thank god there are no pictures of that, haha!) Once I was old enough to do my own hair I used to change my hairstyle at least 3 times a day. It was obnoxious. However, I always took care of my hair. Even after I discovered the flat iron and straightened my hair everyday in middle school, my hair dresser was still shocked at how little damage there was to my hair. However, what I want to talk about in this post is last summer, when I made my biggest hair mistake ever and I want to share what I did and what products I used to try to fix it.
My first big hair mistake... SUN-IN. I know that many people have never had a problem with Sun-In before and I used to be one of those people. I used it every year at the beach with no issues. Over the summer last year I decided I wanted to be really blonde. I used it all the time after a shower and blow dried it. Well I definitely got really blonde, really fast. BUT slowly I started to notice my hair having a gummy, stringy texture. When I realized it was the Sun- In I was horrified at what I had done!

My hair had a straw-like texture and I was mortified. I didn't want anyone to see it. I would straighten it; but obviously that only makes it worse. I got my hair cut to try to remove as much of the damaged hair as I could but there was no solving this problem; I had to let it grow out. I got deep conditioning treatments but they only kept my hair nice for a few days. I got a hair mask from my hairdresser that I would put on my hair after I got out of the shower and put a shower cap on my head to let the heat and the mask deep condition my hair. These things helped but did not solve anything. The problem still isn't solved but it has almost grown out, THANK GOD.

I wanted to talk about my personal favorite products to use on damaged hair to help style it the way you want. I'm sure these products would also really help with frizz or really coarse hair as well.

1. The first thing I tried that worked was Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. Just like the name says, you leave it in your hair for 3 minutes before rinsing and I definitely noticed that it made my hair smoother.  For the most part, Aussie's Moist Conditioner had the same effect on my hair. I really just started buying the Moist Conditioner since it came in a bigger bottle, because I would run through the 3 Minute Miracle bottle way too fast. (My hair takes a lot of conditioner.) But I still choose to leave in the Moist Conditioner for 3 minutes and I think it has the same effect as the 3 Minute Miracle. This is the first conditioner ever that I feel I cannot be without!
2. Next is another Aussie product, Hair Insurance. This is a leave in conditioner and I use it every single time I get out of the shower. It makes your hair smoother, helps with tangles, and helps to keeps it soft too. The bottle says "Fuss-free coverage against style disasters." This was definitely my style-disaster.
3. I used two different products that claimed to do the same thing so I want to talk about the difference between them. I started out using Garnier Fructis' Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector. This helped my hair a little and it did make my hair smoother after a blow dry. I used it for quite a while and then started wondering if there was something better. I was looking around at all the different brands and saw the Pure Shine Brilliant Blowout. I was skeptical because I never used anything from Pure Shine before. What made me buy it, though, was that it says "Keratin Smoothing Treatment" right underneath "Brilliant Blowout". I heard many times before that Keratin is good for hair and I checked the Blow Dry Perfector bottle and Keratin is not in the ingredients. That has to be the big difference. I love the Brilliant Blowout product and it is also something I feel I can't style my hair without!
4. The last product is something I should have always used regardless if I had damage or not, and that is a heat protector spray for the flat iron. I use Garnier Fructis' Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist. It has argan oil in it and I think it works wonders to tame frizz. With this spray, you can use the flat iron immediately after you spray it onto your hair. I can see it working after I run the flat iron through my hair. The strands flatten out, smooth out, and the spray seals together dry, frayed ends.
These four products have worked wonders on my dry and damaged hair. I have learned to NEVER make the sun-in mistake ever again! It has been a long process of growing it out and now when I look back at pictures of my hair with the sun-in, I cringe. It was unnatural looking and NOT worth the work I had to do to get my hair almost back to normal. But hey, I guess everybody has those moments. At least hair will always grow back, right?

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