My mom, older sister, and I went on a "Wine Walk" last night with my Aunt, my cousin, and a few of their friends. It was was so much fun! You go to the place listed on the brochure which for us was SHE (an accessories store) to donate and get a wrist band. Then you are free to walk to any of the other small businesses listed on the flyer and they each have a different kind of wine for you to taste! So yummy! We had a great time strolling through west reading, checking out each store, and then finding out where the wine was at! I definitely recommend wine walks :)
We met this cute little Chicken along the way!
She was the advertisement for Chicken Supreme :)

Just some Sorrelli Sparkle to brighten up the day!
This is Sorrelli's Silver Shade Series Bib Necklace.

"Made purely with Swarovski crystal, this necklace is layered in high-end, classic elegance. True to the Avant Garde collection, the Sorrelli Swarovski Crystal Necklace is a work of art. Not for the faint of heart, prepare to be the center of attention whenever you decide to take this piece on a night out."
This post is dedicated to my very first best friend since I was born: my older sister. We did absolutely everything together and, as you can tell, we loved fashion and everything girly right from the beginning. For my sister's birthday this year, I blew up this photo and put it in a frame and then wrote and drew on the matted insert to personalize it. It was a personal gift and one I knew she'd love because it truly represents our childhood and growing up together. Divas from the beginning! 
I have never had a maxi dress before because I'm only 5'1' and 3/4 so I thought I would never find one that I wasn't tripping over. However, toward the beginning of this summer I got determined to find one that I could wear. I went to Ross and started to look around. I took several back to the dressing room and all of them were too long except this one! So maybe it isn't even meant to be a maxi dress, or maybe it was just fate but I finally found one! I love the pattern and the wooden beading around the neck. It even has yellow in it which I hardly ever wear but it has just the right amount. Love it!
This is pretty much how my fourth of July went! We had a great day. We spent it at my aunt's house and ate a lot of food, drank a lot of beer, and played a lot of games outside! Good old family fun :)

The little cutie in the star patterned dress is my 13 year old sister. I love her to death!
Found on We_Fashion 's Instagram
Today I am tagging more jewelry! I did a lot of gorgeous earrings. It is actually fun to do because I get to look at the beautiful pieces as I tag them!

I also created an itinerary for one of my supervisors for her trip to Atlanta. I wrote out her flight information, hotel information, and where and when she will be during her trip.
Loving the Sorrelli sparkle!

Right now my absolute favorite mascara is City Curls Curling Brush Mascara by NYC Color. I have never been too picky about mascara because I eventually get sick of whatever I'm using. But for right now this one does the trick! The brush is bent a little so it really curls lashes. I rarely ever use an eyelash curler so this is perfect for me. It also makes my lashes look longer and from the time I put the mascara on in the morning to the time I get home they look exactly the same!

Today was a little slow I must admit! There was not much to do in the office. My internship supervisor actually told me I've been completing projects too fast! She had nothing to give me today. It's kind of a catch 22 because it's good that I work quickly but it also leaves me searching to find something to do. I'm sure they will find more projects for me soon though!