I used to only wear silver jewelry, but now I am obsessed with bright gold jewelry. Every piece in this photo is bright gold. The earrings are the gift I got from GREP,  and the bracelet and layered spike necklace are actually from Aeropostale. I never shopped in Aeropostale but at the outlets last weekend my sister wanted to shop there so I went in and found some awesome deals! The jewelry ws marked so low I got those two pieces plus a pair of earrings for $5! The bigger necklace is the necklace I got at the thrift store in Reading.

Today was also my last day at Sorrelli, which was sad! I really had a great experience there and it was my very first step into working in the fashion industry.  I learned a lot from everyone I worked with and stepped outside my comfort zone which is always necessary in having new experiences! Hopefully there are many more steps to come for me. :)

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