I wanted to do a post about shellac because I am getting my first shellac manicure today and I feel like many people still don't know exactly what shellac is. I did a little research about it, so today I am blogging about what getting a shellac manicure really means.

What is Shellac

"CND Shellac is an innovative hybrid nail color that’s been in development for the last five years. Featuring new UV3 Technology, the gel-polish hybrid applies like polish, wears for 14 days, and can be removed in 10 minutes." - Nails Magazine
Shellac is a brand name of gel nail "lacquer" made by CND. It is applied similarly to a nail polish: A base coat is applied first, then 2 coats of color and a top coat. Each layer is then cured under a UV light.
Artificial Gel nails ARE an acrylic product, though acrylic  seeps into the layers of the natural nail and adheres through the layers. Gel sits on top of the nail and bonds to the uppermost layer. Gels with added length are thinner than acrylic nails and therefore tend to look more natural.

Acrylics and gels can both add length to your nails, while shellac is applied to the natural nail and does not add length.  It only adds a chip-resistant, high shine, longer lasting polish to a manicure and can not be used to create length.


Artificial gel nails must be filed off, but Shellac Remover Wraps are used to specifically remove the shellac without any filing. Shellac Remover Wraps feature an integrated cotton pad which limits the exposure of fingers and skin to acetone by keeping it pinpointed directly on the nail.

Here is my mani! I chose OPI's "Miami beet" :)

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