Today I interned at Greater Reading Economic Partnership and shortly after I got to the office I was invited to help out with their podcasts! We met our guests at the Crowne Plaza where we did the recording. Toni Reece, who is a personal and business development Coach, is the woman who set up the audio and actually recorded our interview. I helped host two interviews in which I got to ask each person three questions. It was fun, easy, and really quick! While we were there we had a little bit of time to spare so Deb also interviewed me! We talked about what kind of projects I do for GREP and then Deb explained the internship program a bit more in depth. It was fun, and I was really intrigued by what Toni Reece does. There are so many great resources for businesses and business people in Reading, PA that many people don't even know about. As I learn more and meet more people I am also learning so much more about Berks County. I've lived here my whole life and barely knew anything about it!

These are NOT any of the people we worked with today but this is the office space we were in and those are the microphones we used! It's a great space to get what you need for a podcast without going to a recording studio or anything.

I got this picture from The People Academy's website.

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