My family and I made a trip to the Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth. We didn't have enough time to take a tour so we just stopped in for a tasting. They let you taste any four beers you like and then you can shop around in their gift shop. It was pretty cool and they have so many flavors of beer. I tried their Tweasondale, Midas Touch, Firefly Ale, and Sixty-One, which I believe was their newest one. They were all good; they have such different tastes. Afterward we (of course) shopped around and my parents bought tshirts and beer and I picked out keychains and car decals for us! I've heard great things from others about visiting the brewery and I thought it was pretty cool so I recommend it!
This is the card they give you for the tasting. You have to write down 4 beers and then you can't switch them after they're written down!
My favorite drink to take along to the beach are these frozen cocktails with alcohol. There are many different brands but this one has Arbor Mist. You simply stick them in the freezer and when you're about to head to the beach you rip off the top and either stick a straw right in the pouch or you can squeeze them out into a cup and take it along to relax on the beach. It's just like a slushie and soo delicious!

Today was our first full day on vacation in Delaware. We already used the pool, hit the beach, and went out for dinner. I love where we are staying because there is a community pool and a stretch of bay right in our backyard. We can go back and forth from our house to the pool/bay however often we need.

For dinner we went to The Wharf which is right down the road from where we are staying. After dinner we walked around the shopping area but since it is Sunday night everything is closed. So we will have to go back another day! :)
Today is my last day at GREP. I can't believe it is here already; this summer literally flew by. I have had two really great internships this summer and I am so grateful for the opportunities I was given. I know that my experiences will help me in the future whether its with the connections I've made or using the skills I've learned!

I still did a lot on my last day though! They are moving things around in the office and asked me to help. I moved a lot of files and things in their supply closet so it is more organized; a true intern task!! Now I am just helping them with whatever extra things they need to get done and soon the day will be over. So bittersweet to see the end of these internships! :( two weeks left and then I will be starting classes again. Can't believe it!

All the files I moved around!

P.S. Two of the ladies in the office also took me to lunch again! We went to the Peanut Bar and I got a delicious crab cake sandwich. So nice of them! :)

Yesterday I received a few prezzies from my amazing supervisors at Sorrelli since Wednesday was my last day :) they are absolutely amazing and I never want to take them off. I can't stop staring at my Sorrelli sparkle :))

I used to only wear silver jewelry, but now I am obsessed with bright gold jewelry. Every piece in this photo is bright gold. The earrings are the gift I got from GREP,  and the bracelet and layered spike necklace are actually from Aeropostale. I never shopped in Aeropostale but at the outlets last weekend my sister wanted to shop there so I went in and found some awesome deals! The jewelry ws marked so low I got those two pieces plus a pair of earrings for $5! The bigger necklace is the necklace I got at the thrift store in Reading.

Today was also my last day at Sorrelli, which was sad! I really had a great experience there and it was my very first step into working in the fashion industry.  I learned a lot from everyone I worked with and stepped outside my comfort zone which is always necessary in having new experiences! Hopefully there are many more steps to come for me. :)

Today was different because I worked at Sorrelli's store instead of the headquarters. They are redoing their window as I mentioned in my Pinterest post, so I helped to get a few things ready for that. I painted chalkboard paint onto a few of their displays pieces and an artist will be coming to draw some really great designs on them. I took down a few things in the display that is up now just to make it easier when they do take it all apart. I also ironed these panels that they use to separate the windows. It was a messy kind of day and that's why I don't have a what I wore post for today because I wore a tshirt and shorts for painting! After that I worked in the store organizing and tagging product for an upcoming show. The day went so fast because I had so much to do. Here is a picture of the mess I made in their office:
I know, this is the same picture from my "Can we go thrift shopping?" post, but it is what I wore today! My family sort of woke up this morning and on a whim decided we needed a trip to the outlets. So, to shop all day, I chose a simple, basic, everyday comfort black tee paired with my favorite pair of capri pants. I dressed it up with some jewelry and this necklace (as I stated in my other post) is from a thrift shop. I am proud of this buy because not only do I like it, but I got a bunch of compliments on it today! I was surprised because, as I said, it was $2!

However, I have to admit I didn't choose all that wisely when deciding what shoes to wear though. I wore flat sandals that I love but they were not the best option for a full day of shopping. My feet HURT by the end of the day. But I guess that's what happens when your hard at work doing all that shopping ;)

Over the weekend I visited a thrift shop a friend told me about in Reading. I love finding bargains and the woman working there told me about several women that drop off all designer labels every once in a while. So I will definitely have to keep checking in there! This time around though I bought two necklaces and a little Kate spade bag that I thought would be perfect to take along to the beach. To the right is a picture of me today actually wearing one of the necklaces I bought ($2.00!) and below is the little summer Kate Spade bag I purchased ($4.50!)

Today for lunch the staff at GREP took me to Judy's on Cherry for lunch for the last day of my internship.  (I still have one more week but my actual supervisor will be on vaca next week.) It was delicious. I got the special of the day which was a mac and cheese type of dish but, of course, gourmet style. So yummy.
Then they got me a present! How nice of them?? They gave me a card which they all signed and then got me these pretty earrings and a Bella Jules gift card!!! I can't wait to use it, and I will definitely blog about whatever I get!! Today for lunch the staff at GREP took me to Judy's on Cherry for lunch for the last day of my internship.  (I still have one more week but my actual supervisor will be on vaca next week.) It was delicious. I got the special of the day which was a mac and cheese type of dish but, of course, gourmet style. So yummy.